Travel the entire U.S.A.! Very Casual Work! Awesome first job for young men & women! Earn great pay.... have fun.... travel the country.... and gain great experience! Did we mention, HAVE FUN! We want you! Call now for an immediate interview at 877 PAID FUN.


Get paid to travel the country! we are currently seeking 20 to 30 enthusiastic people in need of a job. These travel jobs are a wonderful place to learn a multitude of skills and prove yourself as a competent worker. These jobs offer awesome pay and bonuses, including the NCA cash awards program with $1,000 reward or an a paid trip to anywhere you wish to travel. We want people to start their travel jobs so we include training and we are looking to hire immediately.


Jobs with us can offer you the chance to visit everywhere in the country and come home with a hefty bank account. Apply online now for your chance at amazing travel jobs.


We love applications, a fantastic place to work for if you are a young adult looking for a full-time position. We love applications, so do not hesitate to apply.

Rewards Daily

Bonuses and rewards given daily, cash draws are also given daily. We are constantly setting goals for people to strive for cash.

Paid Travel

Travel all 50 states, including Hawaii for free, not only that earn money while on the way. Hotels and transportation are always paid for.

Fun Trips around the U.S.A.

If the team needs some time to unwind and have done a great job; rewards are given in travel to resorts and or activities.

Huge Potential

Your earning potential always reflects your work ethic. You can make a large amount of money so long as you want it.

The Experience

Gain valuable experience in travel fields, let future companies know that you can go the extra mile.

Friendly Team

We push for jobs that can offer you a great team environment.


"I absolutely love the jobs that I have had with usatraveljob.com. The work is fun, the pay is great and I have been to over 30 states! My people skills have improved, my business is consistent and I have learned to use every asset available to me, including fellow crew members." - CLEW

"This work is an absolute blast! have been with this company for a little over 14 weeks now and have loved the work since day one. Moving from town to town and gaining knowledge in all facets of life, I would recommend this work to anyone looking for work." - TIA